PMPM, conscious of their responsibilities for quality of their products and services, has implemented to the benefit of its customers, employees, suppliers and the environment, the requirements of the legislation and their respective regulations in order to continually improve the effectiveness of an integrated system for Quality, Environment and Safety.


Our existence is with the main objective to become a REFERENCE in Project Management, Engineering and Mould Production and Plastic Parts.


PMPM, aware of their responsibilities for Quality, Environment and Safety, for the sake of their customers, employees, other stakeholders and the environment, is committed to:

We assume as core values of our organization:
- Confidence in our work and of our partners.
- Seriousness in the relationships with our customers and suppliers.
- Dynamism and initiative of our collaborators.
- Innovation of new working methods.
- Accuracy in all work performed.
- Respect for human relations.
- Spirit of teamwork.
- Ensure the implementation, maintenance and compliance with laws and regulations that apply, as well as the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management, Environment and Safety.
- Promote the systematic appraisal of risks to the safety of its employees, as well as the environmental impact on the interaction of its activities with the environment, seeking to implement measures to increase the efficiency of use of natural resources and energy.
- Develop a culture oriented towards pollution prevention as well as injury prevention, injury and damage to the integrity and health of its employees and third parties that are under their responsibility.
- Recognize and encourage the participation and awareness of all employees, ensuring their continuing education in order to contribute to improve the quality of products and services, continually seeking to increase the degree of satisfaction of customers and employees in the pursuit of Excellence.